Simply put:

  • We Raise Funds
  • We advocate for our Intellectually Disabled and Special Needs citizens
  • We serve our Intellectually Disabled and Special Needs citizens, the homes and the communities that support them through our partnership with the Knights of Columbus, state and local service organizations.

Since its inception in 1977 the Columbus HOPE Foundation has raised more than "$10 Million” to assist South Carolina citizens with Intellectual Disabilities and Special Needs.  Last year the Foundation raised $270,523 state-wide.

The Columbus HOPE Foundation campaign has been very successful since its inception over forty years ago.  The South Carolina State Council has established that the Columbus HOPE Foundation as a year around fundraising operation project with the our traditional Tootsie Roll donation fundraising segment being held between Labor Day and Columbus Day if at all possible. To meet the growing needs of our communities, additional fundraising activities are defined, planned and executed by the Foundation through the Sixty-Three (63) South Carolina Knights of Columbus councils. 

Our volunteer staff and work force minimizes the overhead costs so that we can maximize the proceeds available to accomplish our mission. The success of these events are credited largely to the individual donors, fundraising activities participants and especially to our corporate sponsors, who lend their names, provide financial support and participate in the event. 

We need your help to make our fundraising events a success.  Becoming a sponsor or sign up to participate or donate.  Refer to our Events page for current and upcoming events near you.

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